Changing Health Care One Patient at a Time

Our Mission

Delta Direct Care’s mission is to provide quality, responsive and affordable primary care to our community utilizing the Direct Primary Care (DPC) model

Our Story

In 2016, Patient Direct Care launched their primary care medical clinic before construction was complete at their current location at 209 East Main Street in Battle Ground. Instead of waiting until the build-out was complete, they found a solution to work out of a tiny home, brought to them by Wolf Industries. Two months later, they moved into their permanent space directly behind Urban Basics and next to The Reflector. 

In 2019, this direct primary care medical clinic reinvented itself and changed their name with purpose. The clinic, as of June 2019 is now called Delta Direct Care. This new name better unifies Dr. Dino W. Ramzi’s clinic with the nonprofit his team has created called the Delta Healthcare Foundation. The Delta Direct Care medical clinic’s second location will house the foundation and donate primary care treatment through the nonprofit to better serve the uninsured and under-insured in our community.

We never rush patient-client relationships. There are no service quotas here. Our team spends the time needed on each patient to better understand individual healthcare situations. 

Needs arise in real-time and health care delivery models are changing to utilize technology for same-day connection to your primary care provider. 

In a complicated healthcare system, we offer two easy to understand primary care membership options that cut out insurance red tape. Our options do not exceed $75/month per person. Discounts for a family plan with lower rates for children.

"An overwhelming amount of data continues to show that the US Health System suffered from inadequate primary care capacity and quality. For-Profit Insurance companies make it difficult to provide the quality of care needed to build a truly well-community."

Our Core Values

At Delta Direct Care we believe great healthcare includes solutions in these three areas:

Heart icon symbolizing biological Health


Prevention begins with an understanding that every individual brings different physiological and physical make-up. DDC spends time examining the genetic and environmental factors that impact a patient's health.

Brain icon symbolizing PSYCHOLOGICAL health


Stress, relationships, and adverse childhood experiences (ACE) greatly impact our health and are associated with developing unhealthy behaviors.

Globe icon symbolizing social health for Delta Direct Care


We learn and teach others about health from the social relationships that sustain us. We learn behaviors from our families, friends, and community. These, in turn, can impact our behaviors which impact our health and in the aggregate, our community's overall health.


Dr. Dino W. Ramzi, MD, MPH

Dr. Ramzi received his medical education at McGill University in Montreal Canada, specializing in family medicine, and then earned a Master’s in Public Health from Emory University in Atlanta. His academic interest has been at the intersection of health policy, management and health outcomes. He has taught at residency programs and has been a Medical Director at Community Clinic Inc. in Rockville, MD. Then, Dr. Ramzi went onto become Chief Medical Officer of an Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC) in Pasco WA. He has served as President of the Clark County Medical Society and is active in the WSMA and WAFP and it respective PACs, advocating and speaking on topics related to primary care’s vital role in the health of our communities. In 2016 he opened Patient Direct Care, a direct care practice in Battle Ground, WA. He is co-founder of Vaccinate Washington, a public health advocacy organization. Dr. Ramzi and his wife live in Washougal, WA and are very active in all aspects of their community’s life and growth.

Maria D. Ramzi

Maria brings a broad range of clinical experience from her 25 years working in a variety of healthcare settings. Early on she showed tremendous skill at quality control and meeting regulatory standards. She was a Supervisor of Quality Assurance and later became a CDC Inspector focusing safety standards in labs across the country. Maria also worked at Pacific Northwest National Laboratories (PNNL) and later as a Laboratory Supervisor at Kaiser Permanente. At Delta Direct Care Maria ensures our lab quality, the safety of our X-ray facilities, human resources and accounts payable.
Maria is a long-time volunteer for the Free Clinic of SW Washington. Her ability to speak fluent Spanish, in addition to her medical background helped bridge the language gap for many. Until recently, she was the first and only Latina to be part of this organization’s Board of Directors. Family and friends are at the center of Maria's life. She and her husband moved to the Pacific Northwest a decade ago and since, they've put down lasting roots in a community they love.

Theodore Thomas

Theodore "Theo" Thomas PA-C is a Delta Direct Care Physician Assistant. Born and raised in the Pacific North West, Theo put his natural passion for helping and healing to work at an early age. He spent 4 years as a structural and wildland firefighter followed by 5 years working in a Tacoma ER and as an Emergency Medical Technician. He completed his schooling at the University of Washington School of Medicine Tacoma Campus and graduated with a Physician Assistant degree in Community Health. While in school he was the director of Community Health relations and healthcare provider for a podiatry health program for the underserved. When not at work he’s busy raising 4 stepchildren with his beautiful girlfriend and enjoys fishing, kayaking, mountaineering, and hiking.

Brianna Burgy

Brianna Burgy is Delta Direct Care's Occupational Medicine Technician and Medical Assistant. She grew up in Palmer Alaska; she brings a wealth of experience in various healthcare specialties that complement the skills required for her to excel in her new role. She loves to learn and grow both in her personal and professional life. She graduated from Charter College in Vancouver Washington on 2015 and is passionate about all areas of the Occupational Medicine field. She is committed in helping individuals obtain affordable health care that puts the patient first. When she is not working, Brianna, her partner and her two boys are out exploring and enjoying what the beautiful PNW has to offer.

Jessica Abel

Jessica Abel is Delta Direct Care's Member Success and Growth Manager. Native to the Pacific Northwest, Jessica is passionate about making sure our members and communities are healthy, happy, and thriving. With 20+ years of marketing and customer service experience, she knows that trust is earned. Her role is to assure we keep our promises and deliver the highest quality service and support possible to our members. Jessica is obsessed with using technology to bring greater access to quality health care. When she isn't working, she likes playing piano and online window shopping 😉

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