COVID-19 Testing

drive-up covid-19 testing

Delta Direct Care currently offers drive-up Molecular COVID testing. Simply call (360) 999-5138 to schedule a date and time. We can accommodate many same-day appointments. 

We will meet you (in our PPE gear) in the parking lot of either our Battle Ground of Vancouver location and collect the nasal sample. Then it will be sent to the lab.

Results from the lab have been as quick as 3 days but we can not guarantee the turn around time. Some have taken as long as 14 days.

COMING SOON: We will be offering “Rapid COVID Testing” in late September. This test, while lower accuracy rate, provides instant (15 mins) results at a lower cost.


Fees are collected at the time of collection (Touchless Debit or Credit Card only)

While we do not bill insurance (as part of our business) we can provide all the necessary paperwork to submit your COVID-19 test expense for reimbursement.

Recent Delta Direct Care COVID-19 News

Check back here for our insights, offerings and suggestions for navigating this time and keeping your family healthy and safe. 

The Great Covid-19 Vaccine Race

Two vaccines are currently emerging as potential strong candidates but how does one choose a “winning horse” in a race like this? Here’s my hot take on how this Vaccine race will play out!

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COVID-19 and Delta Direct Care’s Safety Protocols

The Coronavirus (nCoV) is a “novel” virus which means it is a new strain that has not been previously identified in humans. It also means it has the ability to evolve and change. Because of this fact, it’s critical that our response with regards to safety and controlling the spread also continue to evolve and change.

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Delta Direct Care COVID-19 Update

As a primary care provider we limited options for COVID-19 testing. More importantly as a member, we can quickly assess and chat with you about what, where and if you quick action may be needed.

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