Delta Direct Care COVID-19 Update

 As the battle against the COVID-19 virus continues to unfold, Delta Direct Care is taking every step possible to stay current and compliant with all best practices –both in the office and in our ability to treat and support patients who may have been exposed to COVID-19.

Testing Services

As a primary care provider, we are currently being limited to the options for COVID-19 testing we can provide. We are diligently staying abreast of state and local guidance and our member support and services will continue to expand. 

As of July 25, 2020 we currently are offering the following COVID-19 related services and resources: 

  • Active COVID-19 Test: This test seeks to detect an active COVID-19 infection that can potentially transmit it to other people. This actually detects the virus DNA in the nose.  Cost: $105 (If you have health insurance you may beable to get this fee reimbursed due to Government Mandate)
  • Antibody Test: COVID-19 antibody test seeks to detect if you have previously been exposed to COVID-19 and potentially have protection from contracting it again. There is no guarantee of preventing repeat infection even in the case of a positive antibody test. Cost:  $65
  • Instant Test: We have received many requests from people hoping to get a “quick test” before visiting or hosting family members. However, DDC has chosen to NOT perform “Instant COVID-19 Tests” due to lack of scientific consensus around the accuracy of result. We are surveying the market to find a test with reasonable accuracy and will announce it if we acquire one.

Insurance Coverage Pitfalls

According to the latest government mandate, insurance companies are required to cover COVID-19 testing costs, regardless of the level of coverage a participant has. Not surprisingly, we are hearing reports of some insurance companies that are finding loopholes or refusing payment. Also some that are charging co-pays!

While we wish the Government would also subsidize Direct Primary Care patients like ours so we could offer it at no cost, but until then, we will support you in finding a testing plan that works for you and within your budget.

In addition to our collecting specimens, here are places we endorse for testing:

  • Vancouver Clinic currently is performing COVID-19 tests in Clark County.
  • OHSU has a drive-by location at the parking lot of the Portland Expo on Marine Drive. They are apparently not charging for uninsured patients.

We’re Here for You

Don’t forget…as a Delta Direct Care member we are ALWAYS available to help talk you through concerns, assess if and what action may be needed.

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