For only $75 a month get the unlimited Primary Care needed for a successful weight loss journey. 


There are oodles of fad diets and weight loss apps. It’s not hard to find one that is appealing to you and your lifestyle. BUT is it the right one for your current physical and mental state?

  • Diets like Extreme Diets such as Intermittent Fasting, Keto and heavy exercise regiments all require demanding and sometimes risky physical requirements.
  • Other diets couched as lifestyle diets – Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig or Nutrisystem all promise to take the “thinking” out of the diet.
  • And the newcomer… Behavioral Mental Health Diets approaches such a Noom or Better Help Apps seek to provide dieters with seeming more psychological support for weight-loss.

The truth is, any one of these diets might be the “silver bullet” diet that finally works for you. In fact, these companies remain in business because they do work for a certain percentage of people but that percentage is much smaller than you think.

How Do I Make Sure the Diet I Chose Will Work?

The success of your diet in not on which diet, it’s how you start and navigate your weight loss strategy.

Many people start diets unaware of pre-existing factors such a potential for stress injuries, diabetes, heart conditions or thyroid issues. Your physical and mental health strategy can be easily compromised through work stress, injury, seasonal illnesses, depression, anxiety, sleep issues, aging, or joint issues.

By starting with your personal, local doctor at Delta Direct Care you’ll be sure to set realistic and safe strategy not only for weightloss but for life!

Delta Direct Care Wellness Doctor

Dollar-for-dollar value and for a fraction of what you will spend starting and stopping gyms and dieting programs, you can get everything you need to succeed.

As a member of Delta Direct Care and get unlimited access to your very own local personal Doctor in your corner for ALL aspects of your health in 2021!

Join today and get all the benefits of having your very own private doctor who won’t let your diet fail!


Most of us don’t have a celebrity salary and can’t afford a full-time chef, dietitian, a doctor to keep us accountable and healthy. But you can have the next best thing for a fraction of the cost. 

If you have a goal to lose weight or get healthy subscribe to your own local Primary Care membership.

In addition to weight loss monitoring and support, you get comprehensive primary care

  • urgent care
  • basic procedures
  • routine lab work
  • 24/7 telemedicine
  • chronic condition care
  • same or next-day appointments
  • free flu shots
  • same or next day appointments
  • Two centrally located Clark County clinics and 24/7 video, chat and phone access.
  • And more!

"Losing weight is not determined by the diet you choose, but rather how you well you navigate your weight loss strategy when life throws you an emotional or physical curve ball."


As you lose weight your body will change, you’ll hit plateaus. You may suffer injuries that delay your ability to perform an exercise or required behaviors which set you up to fail on your diet.

BUT with a full time 24/7 local doctor in your corner you whenever you hit a wall, get an injury, or feel like giving up, you will have your doctor help get you back on track.

Become a member and get any tests and checks up need to see if there is a medical issue blocking your progress! Only $75 a month

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