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Adding Delta Direct Care to your employee benefits plan makes sense. This is a great option for those employers providing plans that have high deductibles, lab fees, co-pays or limited Rx coverage. If you’re an employer without the ability to provide insurance, this is an option you might not know about. Employees can be seen for a wide range of conditions from basic procedures, to chronic condition care, to urgent care services. 

The cost is $75 per employee per month, plus a one-time enrollment fee. There are options to add entire families of an employee to a membership, providing them the piece of mind that if they fall sick. Employees will be able to see a quality primary care provider, 24/7 by secure phone, text, email or video. 

Get started by reaching out to the Delta Direct Team at This friendly and knowledgeable staff will walk you through membership benefits and how to successfully share these benefits with your team.

"Delta Direct Care is great for employers. Employees can utilize our primary care clinic without being faced with co-pays and high fees each time they need to see a provider."
Dr Dino Ramzi founder and physician at Delta Direct Care
Dino Ramzi


Annual Biometric Screenings Available for Employers

We’re passionate about preventive services that have the power to save lives. Did you know that 75% of health care costs are attributed to chronic conditions that are preventable? A biometrics screening has the ability to inform employees about risk factors associated with chronic conditions like heart diseases, diabetes, and cancer. For $45/person you can provide health screenings for your workforce that can gently and respectfully alert them to risk factors.


Businesses are finding out

There is an effective alternative to high-priced monthly employee healthcare coverage. Employers are making the switch which combines the direct primary care model with a local clinic and a wrap around insurance like Sedera Health.


Delta Direct Care and Sedera Health are two perfectly connecting pieces to help solve your employees healthcare benefits puzzle.

Delta Direct Care is your no deductible, no copy, daily primary care provider and Sedera is your employee’s traditional deductible surgical, specialty, emergency and all-other services provider.  


Non-benefited employees have been traditionally left outside the health insurance system. As part-time or contract workers they do not meet the eligibility requirements for health benefits through their employer. The Direct Primary Care (DPC) model of care is gaining steam and notoriety as a cost effective option to providing these workers direct access to primary care services.  

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