October Newsletter

Welcome to the first edition of our new newsletter. We have a lot to report. Since closing the Battleground clinic, the Vancouver site has become incredibly busy. s:

Change in Lab Providers

We are also making a number of changes coming up.Our contracted national lab has been Quest until now. We are switching over to LabCorp sometime the week of October 4. We would expect a couple of tests to increase in price. For example, a blood count is likely to increase, but nearly everything else with stay the same and a lot of tests will go down in price. Here are some examples of our price:



Old price

New price

Complete Blood Count                             



Comprehensive Metabolic Chemistry



Thyroid screen



Iron panel






Hepatitis C                  



Pap + HPV



Our Partnership with Align Health Partners for Added Coverage

Most people who become members are encouraged to carry some sort of health coverage, be it a high-deductible health plan, cost sharing or even Medicaid or Medicare. Otherwise, with Direct Care through Delta Direct, which is not insurance, exposes you to catastrophic health problems. Our claim to fame is the convenience of being able to access the doctor by phone, email and text message along with same day no wait appointments with transparent pricing for any additional charges.

The most common question is what happens if I have to be hospitalized. Now we have an answer. We have partnered with Align Health Partners and Zion cost share to produce an Obamacare-compliant alternative to insurance that protects you in the case of catastrophic health costs at about half the price of the average health plan. As always, we can help you navigate the health system to get the care you need at a reasonable cost.

We encourage you to explore Align Health Partners. Also note that their memebrship price includes Delta Direct Care services so you don’t have to worry about two separate payments.

We Won! 2021 Great Vancouver Chamber Awards

The Greater Vancouver Chamber announced the 2021 Business and Leadership Awards’ Recipients. We were surprised and overjoyed that Delta Direct Care won the award in the Small Business category! It was recognition that we make an effort to improve access to medical services to the SW WA community and employers. 

We also have been offering free COVID vaccination and routine vaccines for all children under 19. We did pop-up clinics for the homeless and those in recovery this year and expect to continue our partnership with Recovery Café and are exploring partnerships with other community-based non-profits.

Our affiliated non-profit is accepting donations and expects to expand the delivery of primary care services through Delta Direct Care shortly.

We are Delta Direct Care and are working to improve the health of Washingtonians by providing access to highly available, high quality primary care

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