Share the Love and Earn a $50 Membership Credit!


Share the Delta Direct Care Love

Refer a Friend and Earn a $50 Membership Credit*!

Refer a friend, coworker, or extended family member to Delta Direct Care if they join after their first month of membership we’ll issue you a $50 credit* to use toward your membership fees or wholesale perscriptions. Referal Credits are only awarded for Primary Member referal (additional family members referred do not earn credits). There is no limit to how many referrals you can make! 

1. You Tell Your Friends

Tell your friends and colleagues about Delta Direct Care's 24/7 health care access, price transparency, no insurance requirement, support for chronic conditions and unwaivering commitment to quality care. Be sure to share your personal experience with them!

2. You Make Sure They Choose "DDC Referral"

Tell your friends that when filling out the enrollment form they will be prompted --How did you hear about us? Tell them to select "DDC Patient Referral" from the drop down.

3. We Confirm Your Referral

When we conduct our patient onboarding with your friend we will ask them to confirm the name of their referral (that's you!) We will send you an email notifying you that a friend of yours has joined the practice and we will let you know when your credit is earned.

4. We Apply A Credit to Your Account

30-days after your friend referral has activated their account we credit your account $50 and send you an email letting you know. Your credit will remain until you choose to apply it to your current or future balance. If your friend does not complete enrollment, or cancels within 30 days you will not be eligible for the Refer a Friend credit. NOTE: Credits are paid on Primary Member referrals. Additional spouse or children are not elible for referral credit.

* Notice: Earned credits are not redeemable for cash. Any credit balance is valid for use against current outstanding balances or future membership fees. In the case of Membership termination, Credit balances are not redeemable for cash. Delta Direct Care reserves the right to discontinue the referral program and or change the terms of the program.

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