Republicans and Democrats Agree: Direct Primary Care is a No-Brainer Solution to Health Care

In a recent July interview with Bret Weinstein, Dan Crenshaw (US House of Representatives for Texas’s 2nd congressional district) makes one a clearly articulated case for how Direct Primary Care(DPC) is well position to solve the current Health Care crisis.

Crenshaw explains why Direct Primary Care is so universally appealing to both Democrats and Republicans. The universal belief is that all Americans want “a doctor they trust, that they choose and that they have a realtionship with – a primary care doctor. This is very important in health care,”

“A doctor they trust, that they choose and they have a relationship with, Primary Care Doctor. This is very important in health care.”

Dan Crenshaw, US House of Representatives for Texas's 2nd District

Crenshaw goes on to discuss how Direct Primary Care is a bi-partisan solution –allowing the private sector health care companies and lobbiest to still compete with one another to innovate and hold the United States position as leaders in the Medical and pharmaceutical sectors.  

While, at the same time appealing to more left leaning advocates — searching for a more universal access, quality and affordable care regardless of their age or health for eveyone.

Direct Primary Care is designed to address everyday health care needs — keeping communities healthly and preventing a culture of “sickness.” There will still be pre-existing conditions and catastrophic issues, so the proposed solution would be to divide the health care system into three sectors  — allowing us to better distribute the cost and risk pools creating more a fair and equitable model.


Crenshaw also explains how the Direct Primary Care model supported by Employer funded HSA plans is gaining traction.

More and more employers are waking up to the benefits of offering a Direct Primary Care benefit to their employees by way of an HSA plan. Employers report higher employee attendence, retention and productivity as a results of regular access to doctors, care for every day health issues or chronic conditions that normally would require employee absentees, low productivity and or leave of absences.

If your employer does not currently offer a Direct Primary Care option, it may be because they have not researched it. It’s strongly advised to ask your employer about this option and advocate for it, especially if the current health care offering provided by the Employee is inadquate.

Direct primary care near you

Currently, there are over 5,000 (and growing) Direct Primary Care practices across the United States. Physicians are championing this movement with the goal of quality care and quality of life for both patient and provider.

In 2016 Delta Direct Care opened its first clinic with the hopes of bringing greater care and health to Clark County Washington. Now 4 years later, they have a second clinic location, have been successfully providing telemedicine (phone, chat, and video), and offering unlimited Primary Care services to over 2000+ patients.

Learn more about Delta Direct Care services and how you never worry about getting the care you need while also minimizing the potential for catastrophic medical bills.

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