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While many answers may apply, pick the one that most strongly influences your experience and feelings as it relates to health care. There are no wrong answers. Just be you!


When you feel sick how soon do you like to see your doctor?

How involved are you with the costs of exams, medications, lab work, or more specialized tests?

What is an acceptable amount of time to wait in a waiting room?

If given the choice would you email, instant message, call or video with your doctor?

When talking with your doctor, how important is it that he/she can quickly recall you and your medical history?

Which of these choices best describe you when at a doctor's appointment?

Which of the following makes you avoid or post-pone going to the doctor?

Do you or any of your immediate family members ...

Is Direct Primary Care Right for You?
Direct Primary Care (DPC) is a great option for you!

Based on your profile score Direct Primary Care, like Delta Direct Care is a great option for you! You'll get the time, care, and immediate access you want and need. Also, you'll be taking charge of your health potentially avoiding and/or minimizing the impact of costly medical conditions. Learn more about our transparency, access and month-to-month subscription . Don't wait until you get sick and insurance charges you a fortune. Sign up today!
Direct Primary Care (DPC) Might Be Just What You Need!

Based on your profile score Direct Primary Care (DPC), like Delta Direct Care, could be a good fit for you. While you have varying needs of care, you may find that Direct Primary Care is a great complement to your existing health insurance and gives you more flexibility in how you deal with health issues when they arise. The best part is... there are no annual requirements, enrollment periods or hassles. At Delta Direct Primary Care you can subscribe and cancel any time. Learn More about how it works...
You sound pretty happy with your current coverage!

Based on your profile score you seem pretty well covered, however, things like careers change, Federal Government insurance requirements price increase, and unexpected medical conditions arise, you may find having a full-time doctor available to you is a GREAT option. Direct Primary Care is the perfect solution for everyone because it rides out the ups and downs of life. Perhaps you know someone with a chronic condition or inadequate coverage? Tell them about Delta Direct Care!

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