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These are actual testimonials from Delta Direct Care members. 

“Excellent care! The best doctors office I’ve been to. Small town feel, very personalized care. Never had to wait.”

- Jeff R.

“I really appreciate the time and energy the Delta Direct Care team gives us with our visits. They even have a messaging app to ask questions as well. I like it because I don’t need to stay on the phone for a while to talk to someone. They go above and beyond our expectations. We are very blessed to be able to go there.”

- Ju Ka

“I cannot recommend Dr. Ramzi and the rest of the amazing staff at Patient Direct Care enough. From the moment you walk in the door, they are friendly, helpful, and genuinely concerned that you receive the best healthcare they have to offer. Astounding service and an incredible value.”

- Tieson W.

“This honestly feels too good to be true. 75/mo for basic care. Meds are cheaper here than with any insurance I've had. Dr's are easy, kind, efficient, comfortable and not intimidating. The spruce app is AMAZING - no waiting on hold and/or waiting 24hrs to get a response to a personal question. It's like a breath of fresh air”

- Yelp Reviewer

“While I no longer live in the area, I had fantastic care from Dr. Ramzi in the past. He was attentive, informed, skilled and involved in my care. Wish him the best of luck with his practice, and highly recommend him”

- Greg F.

“Extraordinary patient care. This concept is both novel and amazing for the patient. I highly suggest people come and try the health care professionals here.”

-Justin R.

“Excellent! Very good care and cleanliness.”

- Chantell W.

“I have insurance and still prefer delta care! No run around or hidden fees . And the quality of care is bar none . Super happy customer for a couple years”

- Debra M.

"As a owner of a small business, health care/Insurance is always a stressful situation. We were introduced to Delta Direct Care and Dr. Ramzi and have never been more happy. Dr. Ramzi and his staff take care of our family better than any medical clinic ever has and at a cost that is affordable. I recommend this office to anyone I know that is looking for a great Doctor."

- Ginger L.

“Highly recommend! Affordable care and amazing staff! I hardly go to the doctors unless needed, and they make me feel so comfortable when I do go in! 10/10 never had an issue with them!”

- Natasha G.

“Dr. Ramzi and team provide the best primary care experience for a fraction of the cost of traditional insurance. Timely responses via telemedicine, in-person visits that make you feel heard and valued as a patient and not just a number, and affordable prescriptions. Can’t recommend them enough!”

- Jillian W.

“Love this place. From the moment you walk in the door you are treated as an individual and not just another patient. The entire staff from top to bottom is professional, polite, caring and practicing medicine at the highest level.”

- Tim J.

“This place is great. Caring and friendly staff really make you feel at ease. The doctors actually take time to really listen to your Problems and get to know you, I never feel rushed or ignored . I would recommend this place to anyone”

- Bethany C.

“We have been going to this clinic for years. Best place to go for straight up doctor service. No political crap. No billing confusion. You know what you're paying for and you get as much time as you need to see the doctor to explain anything. I literally don’t even know how to explain the service that we have received. Everything from mental health, children’s lung health, immune system, allergy, after chemo checkups and more.
Quick care. Advice on everything. Support on anything and everything. Easy and quick access for urgent advice after hours. Also many prescriptions at the office, and no upcosts. Cheap and affordable care for our whole family. We do self pay with no insurance. Just monthly payment. It has been ridiculously cheaper than paying for Insurance and copays plus prescriptions at marked up prices.
I would suggest to anyone to go here. It’s different but amazing! Great doctors and atmosphere!”

- Jastie U.

"I appreciate everything Delta Direct Care does for us. It's nice to work with people that take pride in what they do!"

- Kevin D. Employer Sponsor

"Delta Direct Care is who I trust for my health care, because I get excellent care when I need it. Anytime I have a concern about my health I get actual treatment – not the co-pay and referral run-around I’d get from an Insurance funded provider. Now, I only use my company sponsored Kaiser Health Insurance for specialty care, which thanks to Dr. Ramzi and his team I don’t need!"

- Mark M

“I am thrilled we found Dr. Ramzi and his team this summer. Local, affordable, and incredible service! I’d recommend them to anyone who is uninsured or has high deductibles with their current insurance.”

- Jillian W

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